Advanced Tesla Detailing with Defense+™️ Car Care: A Two-Step Approach

Advanced Tesla Detailing with Defense+™️ Car Care: A Two-Step Approach - Drive Protected


Are you ready to take your Tesla detailing to the next level? Dive into the world of advanced protection with Drive Protected's Defense+™️ Car Care. Here's a comprehensive two-step approach to make your vehicle shine like new:

Cleaning Products for Ultimate Prep:

  1. Amped All Purpose Cleaner by Defense+™️: Tackle tougher spots and stains with Amped All Purpose Cleaner. Safely remove stubborn dirt and grime, all while enjoying the Defense+™️ shield against future contaminants.

  2. Mega Watt Foam Soap by Defense+™️: Treat your Tesla to a luxurious foam bath with Mega Watt Foam Soap. Its advanced formula not only cleans but also adds an extra layer of Defense+™️ protection, preparing the surface for the next steps.

  3. Circuit Iron Remover by Defense+™️: Address iron contaminants to maintain your Tesla's pristine appearance. Circuit Iron Remover, a Defense+™️ powerhouse, dissolves iron particles, preventing potential damage and ensuring a spotless surface.

  4. Recharge Ceramic Spray by Defense+™️: Boost your Tesla's shine with Recharge Ceramic Spray. This quick and easy spray-on application enhances gloss and provides long-lasting Defense+™️ ceramic protection, bridging the gap between cleaning and coating.


Advanced Ceramic Coatings for Long-Lasting Defense:

  1. Paint & PPF Ceramic Coating by Defense+™️: Take your Vehicles defense to the next level with this advanced coating. Applied after the cleaning steps, it forms a strong bond with the paint and protection film, providing a durable shield against environmental hazards.

  2. Nano Glass Coating by Defense+™️: Don't forget the windows – apply Nano Glass Coating for Defense+™️ protection on your vehicle's glass surfaces. Enjoy improved visibility, water repellency, and easy cleaning, all thanks to this advanced coating.

There you have it – a two-step approach for advanced detailing that not only makes your Vehicle look showroom fresh but also ensures it stays that way with Defense+™️ Car Care Products. Elevate your vehicles appearance and protection with the trusted line.


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