Customer Success Stories: Protecting Teslas with Our Paint Protection Film

Customer Success Stories: Protecting Teslas with Our Paint Protection Film - Drive Protected

At Drive Protected, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products to protect your Tesla's appearance and maintain its value. Today, we're sharing the success stories of some of our customers who experienced the benefits of our products on their Teslas.

Customer Background
Paul is a Tesla owner who understands the importance of maintaining his vehicle's appearance. He was concerned about rock chips and road debris damaging his Tesla's soft paint.

Paul wanted to ensure his Tesla stayed in pristine condition while driving on various roads. He needed a solution to protect his vehicle from potential damage caused by road debris.

Paul decided to use Drive Protected's Defense+™ PPF to safeguard his Tesla's paint. As a DIY enthusiast, Paul found our instructions easy to follow and appreciated the support our team provided throughout the application process.

After applying Drive Protected's Defense+™ PPF, Paul noticed an immediate improvement in his Tesla's protection against road hazards. He recently took a 400-mile round trip without worrying about rocks or debris hitting his car. The Defense+™ PPF provided him with peace of mind and confidence during his journey.

Customer Story: Arion's Tesla Model S

Arion ordered a Tesla Model S in early 2022 and discovered Drive Protected through YouTube. During the months before his car was delivered, Arion watched videos about protecting his Tesla's exterior. He quickly realized that getting Drive Protected's Defense+™ PPF on his Tesla was a wise decision.

After visiting a local PPF shop and receiving a quote of approximately $5,000 for a professional installation, Arion decided to take on the project himself using Drive Protected's pre-cut Defense+™ PPF kit. He appreciated our video tutorials and the precision-cut Defense+™ PPF kits provided. Ultimately, he was pleased with his decision to complete the PPF install himself.

Customer Story: Christine's Confidence in DIY PPF Installation

Christine was initially hesitant about taking on a DIY project such as installing Drive Protected's Defense+™ PPF on her Tesla. She saw various YouTube videos of Tesla owners discussing PPF and local shops offering the service. Even though the pros made it look easy, she and her husband were shocked at how expensive professional installations could be.

After canceling an appointment due to the high cost, Christine turned to Drive Protected's videos featuring Bearded Tesla Guy installing full Defense+™ PPF on a Model 3. The videos and tutorials from our shop gave her the confidence to attempt the installation herself. Christine and her husband decided to start with her car as the test run, and she was ultimately pleased with the outcome.

Common themes we can see here are that Paul, Arion, and Christine's experiences highlight the benefits of using Drive Protected's Defense+™ PPF, such as cost-effectiveness and the satisfaction of a DIY installation. With proper application and our supportive team, Tesla owners can drive confidently knowing their vehicle is well-protected.

Thank you to Paul, Arion, and Christine for sharing their success stories with us! We are proud to offer products that help Tesla owners protect their vehicles. If you have any questions or need assistance with our products, feel free to reach out to our team. Drive protected and enjoy your Tesla's pristine appearance for years to come.

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