How to keep your Tesla looking factory fresh with a DIY paint protection film kit

How to keep your Tesla looking factory fresh with a DIY paint protection film kit - Drive Protected

Like most Tesla owners, you want to keep your car looking as good as new for as long as possible. But even if you're careful about avoiding scratches and scuffs, the paint will eventually show signs of wear and tear. That's where a DIY paint protection film kit can come in handy.


A paint protection film kit is a simple way to protect your car's paint from scratches, scuffs, and other types of damage. The film is applied to the areas of your vehicle most susceptible to wear and tear, such as the hood, fenders, and doors.


Here are the five steps you need to follow to ensure you keep your Tesla looking amazing from the day you get it until you trade it in for a new one!


1. Clean the surface area where you'll be applying the film.

This step is crucial because it will help the film adhere to your car's paint. When cleaning the surface, you can use the appropriate solutions we recommend with all of our instructions. Cleaning the cover ensures that your kit will stay on for years, not months.

If you're planning to apply paint protection film to your car, starting with a clean surface is essential. Any dirt or debris on the paint will be trapped under the film, making it difficult to remove later. Once the surface is clean, you can begin applying the film. Work slowly and carefully to avoid trapping any air bubbles under the film. With patience, you'll have a beautiful, protected paint job that will last for years.


2. Apply the paint protection film to your car.

Start by peeling back a corner of the film and aligning it with the edge of the area you're covering. Slowly apply the film, pressing out any air bubbles as you go. Once the entire area is covered, use a squeegee to smooth out any remaining bubbles.

All of our tesla packages come with squeegees to help you through this process. Some people may find this part fun but tedious. Just take your time! Once you get all the bubbles out and the film is on perfectly, you will see just how invisible this film really is!


3. Trim the excess film.

Once the entire area is covered, use a sharp knife or scissors to trim any excess film. Be careful not to scratch the paint beneath the movie while decorating. Taking your time is vital here so you can make the cuts close to the color without damaging it.

With our exact cuts with our DIY PPF, you may not even have any excess film to cut off! We like making sure you know there may be some to trim.


4. Clean the area again.

After trimming the paint protection film, it's essential to give the area a final clean with the solution recommended in the instructions. This will help to remove any residue left behind by the film and prevent it from damaging the paint. In addition, this final step will help to ensure that the paint protection film adheres appropriately to the surface.

If there are some parts you must re-apply for, make sure you do so! Please do not skip over the areas and ignore them. That can lead to deterioration, and a bad PPF install.


5. Enjoy your like-new Tesla!

Following these simple steps, you can keep your Tesla looking factory fresh for years. So enjoy your car and have fun showing it off to all your friends!

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