Tried and Tested: Defense + PPF and why you should use PPF on your Tesla.

Tried and Tested: Defense + PPF and why you should use PPF on your Tesla. - Drive Protected

Are you a proud owner of a Tesla and want to protect it from stone chips and everyday wear and tear? Well look no further!

AJ a customer from Drive Protected got his car sideswiped while it was parked, unfortunately it left a dent and a nasty scar, but upon removing the defensive layer of PPF to reveal an almost untouched surface!

Realistically PPF is here to protect your car from stone chips, weathering and accidental scratches, however during moments when you need PPF the most it falls through and saves you one less thing to worry about. 


As you can see from the photos above AJ shows the initial damage, how it looked like after he cleaned the PPF and how it looked after he took the damage PPF off.

AJ’s car was left with minimal damage, however in a realistic standpoint it saved him from having to repaint his entire door, and that is money well saved!

A common misconception about PPF is that its not worth it if you get into a car accident because you’ll destroy parts of your car and many people see that to be a waste of money, however PPF is a day to day driver, it protects your car from unfortunate incidents such as this, while keeping your paint in mint condition allowing you some peace of mind. 

Drive Protected offers a DIY Paint Protection Film (PPF) kit that allows you to install PPF on your Tesla like a pro. 

This kit is custom designed to fit the Model 3 and Model Y and is made from high-quality materials that resist scratches, chips and other damage that would wreck your paint job, and not to mention that it has self healing properties to protect your car. 

This kit allows you to protect your Tesla for a fraction of the cost that it would take a professional to install it. While saving money, you will need to invest time and effort towards installing Drive Protected’s DIY PPF Kit, but not to worry Drive Protected’s Training Academy will guide you throughout the process and make your installation look like the professionals!

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