Do the patterns come with enough film to wrap over the edge?
All of our patterns come with a half inch wrapped edge.

What tools do I need for a successful Paint Protection Film install?
We highly recommend you look at our How do I install Paint Protection Film?To find out how to install Paint Protection Film, check out our YouTube channel where we have tons of videos going over how to do a successful install from start to finish.

How do I mix the Slip and Tack Solutions?
Slip Solution is a mixture of purified water and Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo mixed at 1.5 CCs of soap to 32 OZ of water.

Tack solutions is just hot/warm water.

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About Our DIY PPF

What brand of film do you sell?
Our PPF is our own brand of film called Defense+. We work directly with a Paint Protection Film manufacturer to develop this film.

What is the thickness of your Defense+ PPF?
Our Defense+ PPF is 8 mils thick

Does your Defense+ PPF have self-healing abilities?
Yes, our Defense+ PPF has self-healing abilities built into the top coat. Light scratches should disappear with heat from the sun, hair dryer or hot water.

Is your Defense+ PPF Hydrophobic?
Yes! Our Defense+ PPF has hydrophobic properties built into the top coat as well. The hydrophobic top coat allows for the PPF to be easier to clean due to its slick surface. Bug guts, bird droppings and road tar should clean off with ease if not left on the film for a long period of time.

Is the Defense+ Hydrophobic properties just like Ceramic Coating?
Very similar concept, but the hydrophobic properties do NOT replace a ceramic coating. The hydrophobic properties that are built into the film do NOT last as long as a ceramic coating does.

Can I apply a Ceramic Coating over top of Defense+ PPF?
Yes! Ceramic Coatings work hand in hand with PPF. Just make sure when applying the ceramic coating, you apply the coating a little bit thicker over top of the PPF as you do on the paint. The reason being is the PPF acts as a sponge and soaks up more coating.

How does your PPF compare to other top name brand films on the market?
Our Defense+ PPF stacks up against the very best films on the market. As professional installers of Paint Protection Film, we have worked with all the big-name brands of film on the market today. Our film is just as good. With the self healing abilities, hydrophobic top coat, strong adhesive, high gloss finish, and 10-year warranty, you WON'T be disappointed with Defense+ protecting your vehicle!

What is the warranty of Defense+?

Our Defense+ PPF is warrantied for 10 years against yellowing. If yellowing ever happens, just follow the instructions on the warranty card provided in your order, and we will get you taken care of and get your new Defense+ PPF out to you so you can keep driving protected.