PPF Installation Kit

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Our PPF Installation Kit comes with everything you need to start installing paint protection film, including a utility knife, felt edge squeegee, and pre-cut masking film. This kit is perfect for those who want to ensure their paint protection film is installed correctly and with the best tools available. Make your PPF Install easier with all of the tools you need!

This comes with:

- Slip Solution Spay Bottle with mixture instructions,

- Tack Solution Spray Bottle with mixture solutions,

- Clay Bar to help remove any embedded contamination from your paint,

- Pink Flexible Squeegee that is perfect for installing the PPF on your vehicle

- 2 rolls of Sample PPF so you can figure out your solution ratios, as well as squeegeeing techniques

- 500 GSM Microfibre Towel - perfect for cleaning your vehicle before or after your PPF installation

Our PPF Kits are phenomenal for anyone wanting to get their PPF installation done more efficiently. 

* Solutions do not come with the bottles. Solutions can be purchased at any local pharmacy or drugstore.

* Items needed for solutions are:

Slip Solution:

1. Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo
2. distilled water for the Slip Solution

Tack Solution

1. Hot distilled water for the tack solution 

* Bottles will need to be refilled 2-5 times for an install, depending on what’s all being installed.