How Tesla Owners Can Get Professional Level Paint Protection with DIY PPF

How Tesla Owners Can Get Professional Level Paint Protection with DIY PPF - Drive Protected

Do you own a Tesla and want the professional level paint protection of PPF (paint protection film) without having to pay for expensive services?

If so, you’re in luck.

With some know-how and DIY spirit, it is possible to install PPF yourself and give your vehicle the same level of coating that professionals do—all from the comfort of your own home or garage!

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how tesla owners can get professional level paint protection with DIY PPF.

From prepping your car properly all the way through maintenance tips afterwards, by following these steps you should be able to achieve results worthy of any auto detailer's portfolio!

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF) and what does it do for a Tesla owner's car

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear film made from polyurethane that adheres directly to the paint of a Tesla vehicle, providing an invisible protective barrier from the hazards of everyday driving.

It is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for owners who value keeping their Tesla looking brand new.

PPF can prevent discoloration and fading caused by UV exposure, as well as reduce chipping and staining from mud, rocks, bugs, and other road debris.

Installation of PPF requires precise measuring and detailed application in order to get a perfect fit, which is why professional installation is always recommended.

By resisting everyday scratches and dings that are inevitable with day-to-day operation of a car, PPF can help keep your Tesla's paint flawless and maintain its resale value should you decide to sell it down the line.

Benefits of having PPF on your Tesla, including protection from scratches and rock chips

The new Tesla vehicles offer advanced protection packages including PPF (Paint Protection Film).

This unique technology forms a protective barrier between the exterior of the vehicle and contaminants such as rocks, salt, acid rain, and more.

As a result, PPF drastically reduces scratches and minor rock chips that may otherwise occur due to road debris.

Additionally, it helps maintain the resale value of your car by preserving its condition better over time.

Not only that but also make washing and waxing easier since many of the contaminants are unable to penetrate this protective coating.

Ultimately, PPF offers peace of mind knowing that your Tesla is protected from everyday elements without sacrificing appearance or performance.

Different DIY PPF options for Tesla owners from Drive Protected 

Tesla owners have several options when it comes to do-it-yourself paint protection film (PPF). Self-adhesive films, the most economical of the DIY PPF methods, are perfect for those who want a quick and easy installation with minimal tools required. Drive Protected offers both partial and full DIY PPF options for Tesla owners

Tips for applying DIY PPF to your Tesla without leaving air bubbles underneath

Applying DIY PPF (Paint Protection Film) to your Tesla is a great way to ensure that the paint job on your vehicle stays protected for years to come.

A successful PPF installation requires careful attention and a steady hand.

To reduce the risk of leaving air bubbles underneath, it is important to clean the area where you'll be applying the film thoroughly and make sure it's completely dry before beginning.

To ensure surface tension and ensure that no moisture remains, use soapy water when applying the film.

Make sure you  take your time with our pre-cut out pieces of PPF to give yourself more control over the material during positioning, in addition to working slowly.

If you are wanting to ensure no air bubbles are left with your installation, take a look at our YouTube video that tells you what to do to fix your air bubble issues. 

Best practices for protecting the finish of your Tesla after installing PPF

To help protect the finish on your Tesla, there are a few best practices that should be followed after installing paint protection film (PPF).

First, inspect your Tesla's surface carefully and make sure it is free of any dirt or debris before applying the PPF.

This will help ensure proper adhesion of the film.

Additionally, make sure to apply PPF in an area that is free from any dust or wind; this helps reduce the risk of debris getting stuck underneath the edges.

It's also important to leave at least 48-72 hours between installation and your first wash so that the adhesive has time to fully cure.

Lastly, make sure to use only water-based products when washing your Tesla and avoid using any waxes or harsh chemical cleaners, as these can cause damages to the protective coating of both your vehicle and the PPF itself.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you get maximum protection for your Tesla's finish without compromising quality.

Pros and cons of professional vs DIY PPF installation

Professional installation of PPF (paint protection film) provides a more consistent and thorough coverage than DIY installation, as the specialists who perform the service are experienced in resizing, trimming, and applying the sought after pattern.

Additionally, they use quality tools such as heat guns and special cutters to ensure an even install, whereas those attempting to do it themselves may not have access to such resources.

Although professional installation is generally more reliable and aesthetically pleasing, DIY installation can be a more affordable and feasible approach if one takes the time to do their research on how best to apply. If done correctly and with precision, DIY PPF installation can be just as successful and durable as professionally installed PPF.

Wrap Up

Paint Protection Film can make a world of difference to the longevity of your Tesla’s finish.

Not only will its self-healing properties help keep your ride looking great, but it also gives you some peace of mind knowing that no matter how hard you push on the road, your paint job should remain unscathed.

With the wide range of DIY options available today, there is something for everyone to protect their vehicle’s expensive paint job and minimize bodywork bills in the future.

By investing in quality materials and taking a proactive approach to cleaning and maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your ride for many years to come.

Whether you opt for professional installation or take matters into your own hands, PPF offers an additional layer of protection for one of your most valuable investments.

Regardless of what option you decide is best for you, remember that taking these preventative steps ensures that you won’t ever regret putting your trust in this essential automotive protection product.

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